Is surgery a “big risk” ?


This article explains this celebrity’s opinion that surgery is a “big risk”. We would never deny that there are risks associated with surgery and no surgery should be taken lightly. However, we do not agree there are big risks, certainly in the surgery we undertake here at Alan Park’s cosmetic surgery practice in the Nuneaton, Warwick and Leamington areas. If there were big risks, we would not put any patient through the procedure if it were an elective one.
As a responsible surgical practice, it is part of our job to balance risk with potential outcome. It is fair to say that in the private sector, the patient is in most cases a very healthy one with an improvement in their aesthetic appearance or personal well-being as the goal. As such, the gains from an achievable outcome outweigh the risks.
If you feel your surgeon has not explained the risks to you properly, that should raise alarm bells for you and maybe you should walk away and find a surgeon that will.

Come and have a chat with us. We will always be clear, honest and transparent with all our patients. There are possibly higher risks associated with some more complex procedures such as Rhinoplasty, large abdominoplasties and the like but as long as the patient gives INFORMED consent with a proper cool-off period, we should arrive at a good outcome for the patient.

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