Is cosmetic surgery the new acceptable face of womanhood?

Having seen this article, I feel compelled to comment on it.
The article raises several notions that I do not completely agree with. First, no-one should feel pressurised into surgery. It is our job as responsible surgeons to ensure this does not happen. This is why counselling is a very important part of the process, as is a comprehensive consultation period with the surgeon. I stress, WITH THE SURGEON!
I do not agree with the author when she states she feels surgery is “addictive”. It can be in rare cases but again, it is our job to try and ensure a patient does not get to a stage where he or she is “addicted” to surgery. Many things in moderation are good for you, addictions very rarely are!
The author states that she sees people with “startled expressions, unable to smile warmly”. If any of my patients ended up with that look, I have not done my job. My approach is to help people achieve a natural, fresh and possibly more youthful look. Not to achieve an unnatural look that stands out as such. Many of my patients have surgery and their friends and even family never even find out!
If you are considering surgery, take it seriously. The overwhelming majority of our patients are extremely happy. This is because they are counselled well, helped to consider the pros and cons thoroughly and of course, treated by an expert in his field. If this is not the approach of a provider you are considering, walk away.