What should I look for in a surgeon?

Is cosmetic surgery the new acceptable face of womanhood?

In part two of our look at this article, we look at what sets us apart from other cosmetic providers. Towards the end of the article, there are a few facts. One such fact is as follows..” The vast majority of cosmetic surgery is carried out in the private sector and the law currently allows any qualified doctor – surgeon or otherwise – to perform cosmetic surgery without undertaking further training or gaining additional qualifications.” 

This in indeed true. Terrifyingly so. Let us outline what we believe you should be looking for: 


1. Has your surgeon got the FRCS (plast) qualification?
2. Has your surgeon worked in the NHS?
3. Has your surgeon worked privately for at least 5 years? 
4. Can your surgeon show experience in your specific procedure?
5. Is, or has your surgeon been a Clinical Department Lead or in another higher position in his or her capacity as a plastic surgeon?
All of these can point to a good plastic surgeon. They are no guarantee of course but they certainly are a very good pointer. Compare these pointers with the alternatives…
1. A surgeon with no FRCS qualification. In other words, has undertaken less training
2. Never worked in the NHS. Most of the complex plastic surgery in this country is undertaken in the NHS. It is where surgeons REALLY get to understand the intricate complexities of the human body which benefits them immensely in private practice 
3. Newly qualified…could mean very inexperienced
4. A surgeon may have done 200 breast augmentations but if he or she has not done 2 facelifts, would you want your facelift with them?
5. A higher position in a respected organisation such as the NHS points to peer recognition and a competence

Many articles that appear in the press focus on the bad work done by under-qualified and sub-standard cosmetic surgeons. The great work done by many surgeons up and down the country in the NHS is often ignored. Mr Park has worked for many years in the NHS providing a great service to people in the community.  To qualify as an NHS surgeon takes many years of training and this training should set surgeons like Mr Park apart.

Do your homework. Research your surgeon. Ask questions as it is vital you make a good choice. The surgeon you choose for your procedure is the most important choice you will make . Take your time and do not be rushed into it by a paid advisor. Contact us now for an appointment. We provide cosmetic surgery in Leamington Spa, Coventry, Warwick and Nuneaton. Call us on the number shown at the top at the page