3 Questions to ask when considering surgery.


Although this article is from Dubai, the principles of plastic surgery choice are the same wherever you go. The choice of surgeon is absolutely paramount. Do your research. Ask questions and make sure you actually SEE your surgeon before surgery!! This might sound obvious but many people make their choice BEFORE seeing the surgeon due to slick selling processes. Don’t do this. A sales person or “clinical advisor” has nothing to do with your operation. The surgeon performs it.


I , like a relatively small number surgeons in the UK , am a member of one of the nationally recognised bodies. In my case BAPRAS. I hold the qualification FRCS (plast) which takes many many years to attain. I do things the right way for my patients, not in order to “sell” more surgery. My beliefs will never change from this guiding principle.


Plastic surgeons do an awful lot of fantastic work for patients in the UK, both in the NHS and private sector. I am proud of my profession. It does need more regulation, as I have called for many times. The surgeons calling for regulation are those not scared of what it will bring.

Enjoy the holiday period!