Plastic surgery in the NHS

Many people read articles daily on the subject of plastic surgery. Normally, it is related to a new aesthetic technique available in a high street clinic or maybe a story in relation to a celebrity. This article quite rightly highlights the great work done by plastic surgeons around the work for the patients we see with cancer. Although we do all our initial training in the NHS, we do a huge amount of courses, meetings and conferences every year to ensure we are aware of the newest techniques. Recently I attended a facial flaps course and was a speaker, something I am always delighted to do.

Without the NHS providing us with incredible training over many years, we would not and could not have a private practice. I am a great believer that patients should have the ability to fund their own surgery if they want a procedure in the private sector. However, I also believe that the NHS work we do is absolutely to society as a whole and to the development of future plastic surgeons. This is why I have been clinical lead in The University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire for some years now. It gives me huge satisfaction to see the development of many young surgeons who will treat patients in our NHS hospitals for years to come.

My NHS practice is based in Coventry. My private practice is also based in the same area.