What should I look for when considering surgery?


We always advise asking as many questions you can before chosing a surgical provider. Here are some essentials..

  1. What qualification do you hold? – Your surgeon should hold FRCS (plast) which is recognised as the qualification of a fully trained plastic surgeon.
  2. Do you work for yourself or a clinic? – If your surgeon works for a clinic, it is likely he is being paid at a fairly low level. This can indicate that they are not fully qualified (not FRCS (plast) ) or are inexperienced. Clinics spend a lot of money on advertising. They are run as commercial entities with shareholders and investors. This means they tend to pay their surgeons less, frequently flying surgeons in from abroad who accept lower payment.
  3. Does your surgeon hold or has held a substantive NHS post? – In the NHS we do a huge amount of unusual and unique work not seen in the private sector. This helps us hone our skills that we then use in the private sector.
  4. Is your surgeon on the specialist register as a plastic surgeon? – being listed on the GMC register is no indication that your surgeons is an expert. GPs are listed on the register but they should not be doing complex surgery….even though they legally can!
  5. Is your surgeon a member of BAAPS/BAPRAS? – attending meetings is a key element as we learn new techniques, see new products and understand new theories from our peers. An element of continuous professional development is essential in my view to ensure skill levels are kept high.

Answering all these questions in the positive is no guarantee that your surgeon is a great surgeon. However, it does give you certainty of training, consistently improving skills and the model you are dealing with.

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