Can you overdo plastic surgery?

The answer is a very easy – yes! Many people we see in our cosmetic surgery clinics say they are trying to fight the signs of ageing, trying to look younger. It is of course impossible to hold back the tide of time with respect of how we look. Eventually we all look old! There is nothing wrong with that either. Equally, there is also nothing wrong with wanting to look a bit younger or a phrase that we prefer, fresher.

However, what we do warn against is over-doing plastic surgery. This can be by having too much surgery and looking a bit odd given the age of the patient. Or it could be trying to look completely different at any age, sometimes to look like a celebrity for example.  Both of these in our view are dangerous and against the ethical code of what we do. It is our job to ensure patients do not go too far. A fresh, natural look is very much our preference by way of a result.

Facial surgery such as facelift

Facial surgery in particular can be over done. Face lifts, blepheroplasty and botox and fillers can all be taken to extremes giving a very false look. Of course, the face is the most visible part of the body in our everyday lives so be very cautious indeed when considering this type of surgery. There is a large amount of responsibility on us as surgeons to ensure a patient does not overdo things. If we think a patient is going too far, we should say so and possibly not operate. Unfortunately, some providers operate on a far more profit comes first basis and we frequently hear of patients refused surgery by reputable surgeons finding someone to do the procedure elsewhere. If we refuse treatment, it will pretty much always be in your best interests.

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