The good things about plastic surgery

Many stories in the press trivialise plastic surgery. Its an arena for the stars, the vain, those that are insecure. People think it’s all about bigger breasts, smaller noses, slimmer waists.  Click here for the story behind the real reason for plastic surgery’s development in this country.  My motivation for having a career in plastic surgery was inspired by the history of such a profession. It’s a huge satisfaction for me to treat so many patients in the NHS and see the improvement in their lives. A great deal of my time is spent in the NHS working with patients and colleagues alike to improve outcomes for people that have suffered trauma,

Cosmetic surgery in private practice

When I started in plastic surgery, many procedures were available on the NHS. These included breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and tummy tucks. Over time, the demands on the NHS have risen to a huge degree and many of these operations, and more, have been delisted meaning we cannot perform them in the NHS. This has led to an increase for these operations in the private sector.

Make no mistake, the psychological effect of successful plastic surgery should not be underestimated. Quite often, my happiest patients are those undergoing breast reconstruction as women feel a weight has been lifted off their shoulders, both literally and psychologically! These patients are not the genre frequently portrayed in the media and it should not be forgotten that plastic surgeons do a huge amount of necessary plastic surgery  in both NHS and private arenas.

Cosmetic surgery in Warwick and Coventry

I am fortunate enough to work in one of the largest trusts in the UK. The facilities are fantastic. I also work in extremely well run and managed hospitals such as the Nuffield Hospital close to Warwick. The service I and the other surgeons can provide therefore is amongst the best in the country, whether it be NHS work or private work that is necessary or wanted.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery of any type, be it breast augmentation, facelift, rhinoplasty or a tummy tuck, please call us. We are on 01926 436332 or 01926 436310.