A Point of View: Does cosmetic surgery really make people feel better about their bodies?



A very interesting read here and some may think that as a #Cosmetic #Surgeon I would be in favour of cosmetic surgery or treatments for every patient irrespective of their reasons for making the decision to have surgery, they would be wrong.


As an independent plastic surgeon,  I see many patients in my clinics and with varying stories behind their decision to have treatment. The most common reasons being to boost self confidence and self-esteem, however on occasion I see patients that I do not feel are right for surgery at that time. It could be that the result they are looking for maybe unachievable, that they have had surgeries before and not been satisfied which can sometimes point towards psychological issues, or even made the decision due to peer pressure, these patients in my opinion are  not suitable candidates and I will always advise them to go away and think very carefully about their reasons or to seek further support before they proceed.


#Cosmetic or #Plastic #surgery is a life changing decision and requires a great deal of thought not only about the procedure itself or the surgeon you choose but also about the reasons behind your decision. A good surgeon will decline treatment to unsuitable patients, quite often these patients go home and consider the reasons, sometimes they will change their minds entirely and sometimes even years later they will come back often with a completely different mindset. As a surgeon it is a great feeling to have provided this support and probably why many of my patients refer their friends and relatives into my care.


Are you considering cosmetic surgery, what is the next step?


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