Am I too old for ear correction?

earThere is no such thing as “the right age” for ear correction. Because it is a procedure that is often associated with very young children, people tend to assume that pinnaplasty is something that – like rhinoplasty – is better performed at a younger age.

However, there is no age limit for pinnaplasty and Warwickshire cosmetic surgeon Mr Alan Park performs the procedure on people of all ages.

Why is ear correction performed on young children?

Pinnaplasty is a relatively quick, low risk procedure, which can have a major impact on a person’s life. Parents are often concerned that their children will experience bullying because of their protruding ears and performing ear correction at a young age can help with this.

Why might an adult choose to undergo ear correction?

There are many reasons why an adult may decide to have their ears pinned back. This can range from the cosmetic to the purely practical – many people struggle to find hats that fit properly.

It may be that an adult who didn’t have their ears corrected as a child experienced bullying as a result, and so decides to undergo the procedure in their early twenties. Or sometimes a person has never noticed their ears protrude until they decide to have a shorter hair cut, and suddenly they feel very self conscious.

Will it be obvious that I have had my ears corrected?

People who know you well will doubtless notice that your ears are less protruding, but it will certainly not be apparent to the casual observer that you have had anything done. The scars from pinnaplasty are usually very small and discreetly tucked away behind the ear.

Overall, ear correction is a very effective procedure that can produce a great change with very little downtime and minimal risk in comparison to some other, more major, surgical procedures.