Who is a suitable candidate for weight loss surgery?

belly-2354_960_720When we talk about weight loss surgery, we really mean post-weight loss surgery, as these procedures are designed to deal with excess skin that is left over when a large amount of weight has been lost.

If you want surgery to help you lose weight, this is known as bariatric surgery, and is performed by a bariatric, rather than a cosmetic surgeon. The weight loss surgery performed by Mr Alan Park at his Coventry and Leamington cosmetic surgery practice is aimed at those who have already lost a significant amount of weight?

Why would you need weight loss surgery if you have lost weight already?

When you have been significantly overweight, your skin becomes stretched. When you lose weight, therefore, whilst you still gain all of the health benefits and most of the cosmetic advantages of being slimmer, you may find that you have a lot of excess skin.

This can be disheartening after all the hard work that you have put into losing the weight, and although it can be disguised by dressing cleverly many people prefer to have the excess skin surgically removed.

Where can the skin be removed from?

As a general rule, if you have excess skin anywhere on the body it can probably be removed, but the most common areas are the thighs, arms, abdomen, buttocks and breasts.

Some surgeons offer a procedure known as a “full body lift” but it is generally believed to be much safer to perform post-weight loss surgery in stages – sometimes over a period of years. This also allows you to be certain that your weight has stabilised.

Patients who undergo post-weight loss surgery with Warwickshire cosmetic surgeon Mr Alan Park usually find that the procedure greatly enhances the result of their weight loss, making their lives easier and boosting their confidence.