Smaller implants rapidly becoming more fashionable than larger breast enlargements

 Smaller implants rapidly becoming more fashionable than larger breast enlargements

Recent trends in Boob Jobs are seeing more and more patients wanting smaller more discreet increases in their breast size rather than the glamour model look that was so popular several years ago. Patients seem to no longer want obvious breast implants but would rather choose a size that enhances their body shape and size making it more difficult to recognise when surgery has been carried out.

As a surgeon this trend is one that I certainly agree with, my job is to create an aesthetically pleasing result, one that gives the patient a positive body image and increases self-confidence. This increase of only 1-2 cup sizes means that it can make it much easier to either dress up or down and most patients wanting this look will choose a teardrop (anatomical) implant for a more natural look.

What is a Breast Enlargement / Breast Augmentation / Boob Job

Breast Augmentation is designed to help women who are conscious of the size of their breasts either because development has resulted in naturally small breasts, deformity (tuberous breasts) or they have developed to normal size but shrunk excessively following pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding or excessive weight loss. Surgery is carried out to enhance the size of the breasts by placing an implant either behind or in front of the muscle and in proportion with the rest of the body.

Breast Augmentation is usually carried out under general anaesthetic with a one night stay in hospital although in some circumstances can be carried out as daycase surgery.  There are several variations in technique which will be discussed at consultation, incision in the fold under the breast or around the nipple for example. The implant can then be placed under the breast tissue or in a deeper pocket beneath the pectoral muscle on which the breast lies, the method used depends on the look you want to achieve and your suitability for this method. The size of the implant suitable for you will be discussed at your consultation, an increase of two to three cup sizes is usually the maximum recommendation.

How to make an appointment for a consultation?

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