Common questions surrounding breast lift surgery

braBefore undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure, it is important to give the process due thought and consideration. There are both psychological and physiological factors to consider, so make sure that you spend time really weighing up the pros and cons to decide whether surgery is the correct path for you.

If you’re considering breast lift surgery, there are many questions that women will want answering, so here Coventry and Leamington cosmetic surgeon Mr Alan Park gives some thoughts on a few of the most common:

Is breast lift surgery right for me?

This is a question that only you can answer, so it is advised to have a look through some photographs of pre- and post-operative work to understand the motivations of women who have chosen to undergo this type of surgery.

Typically, women choosing breast lift surgery are those who feel that their breasts have changed shape, they may feel their breasts are positioned lower than they once were or the orientation of the nipple is drooping somewhat, which can mean they are no longer as visually appealing as women wish they were.

To have a look through before and after images of women I have treated; please have a look in the gallery section of my website.

What can cause these changes?

The most common reasons women feel they need to seek the assistance of cosmetic surgery is when their body has changed shape over time. This can be from factors such as:

Significant weight loss – fuller breasts that have resulted from carrying excess weight can appear to droop or sag if that weight is subsequently lost;

Pregnancy – similar to the issues of the weight-gain/weight-loss cycle, the changes to breasts throughout pregnancy and breast feeding can leave women feeling that their breasts are looking and feeling different from how they were pre-pregnancy;

Age – over time gravity will naturally take its toll, leaving women feeling that the breasts are lacking in fullness and the nipples may be pointing more downwards than they perhaps used to be.

What’s the difference between breast uplift surgery and a breast augmentation?

A breast lift is where women feel that their breasts are no longer looking and feeling as good as they should, nor do they have the elevation or firmness that they once had. This operation seeks to address those concerns, and the process alters the shape and contours of the breast – essentially redesigning them to combat these concerns.

A breast augmentation is typically performed when women feel that their breasts are too small and wish to have them enlarged. This process involves the use of implants to increase cup size. These operations can be undertaken in silo, or as a combination treatment.