Is liposuction or a tummy tuck the best option for me?

too big jeansMany women desire to have a flat, toned stomach, and for some, the combination of diet and exercise just isn’t quite cutting it.

There are two common surgical routes that can be considered if you are ready to consider more decisive action to achieve the results you wish for.

The first of these is a ‘tummy tuck’ (known officially as an abdominoplasty) or the other alternative is the process of liposuction. So what are the differences between these and how do you know which is best for you?


This is a bigger operation, performed under general anaesthetic. The operation is performed via an incision, which surgeons will use to tighten the abdominal skin and muscles, pulling them tighter and achieving a firm, flatter look.

Pros: The operation tackles the fat AND targets the excess skin, meaning you are not left with sagging skin above the newly fat-free areas. The other benefit is that this process actually tightens up the muscles too. The overall process is very effective.

Cons: The recovery time is much longer for this operation as it is more complex, and more invasive. Generally patients should expect one night in hospital after the operation and around two weeks off work to fully recover. Patients will also be left with some scarring from the incisions. Surgeons will try and keep the incision site as low as possible so that it can be hidden below brief or bikini bottoms, but some degree of scarring is unavoidable.


This process is a smaller operation, which involves extracting fat from underneath the skin. It is typically performed in the stomach, hips and flank areas of the body. Its effectiveness differs depending on the area selected and the extent of the damage.

In some areas of the body, the skin is often pulled quite tightly (for example the hips), whereas in other areas (such as the stomach) the skin may have lost some of its elasticity. This can either be through age, lack of exercise or carrying excess weight, or a combination of these different elements. This can affect how well the treatment will work.

Pros: It is very effective at physically removing the fat cells and the recovery time is quicker than for an abdominoplasty. Most people are home from this operation later the same day, and are able to go back to work faster.

Cons: The problem with this is that it does not tackle the problem of excess skin. If the skin has been stretched and does not have much natural elasticity, it can hang loosely and not achieve the toned looked that is often desired.

It is important to have your individual case assessed by Mr Alan Park at either his Coventry or Leamington cosmetic surgery clinic, before deciding whether liposuction or an abdominoplasty (or a combination of the two) is the correct route for you.