The history of Cosmetic Surgery

This article is so interesting, the history of Cosmetic Surgery which according to reports dates back to the 16th Century. Tudor “barber-surgeons” treated facial injuries, which as the medical historian Margaret Pelling described, was crucial in a culture where damaged or ugly faces were seen to reflect a disfigured inner self. The most common procedure at this time was surgery to the nose, surgery that was carried out to disfigurement caused by trauma or epidemic syphilis.

So it’s true to say that Cosmetic Surgery has evolved hugely over the years, with new procedures being introduced and those original procedures being improved as science has developed.

As a Plastic Surgeon I see innovation as paramount, I have a duty not only to my profession but also to my patients to attend conferences both In the UK and throughout the world. It’s by attending these meetings, I can ensure my skills and knowledge are regularly updated and that I remain the best surgeon I can be. My professional development is a fundamental key to the success of my practice, which is run with the same degree of high clinical care so my patients feel relaxed and safe in professional clinical surroundings.

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