What exercise is recommended after a tummy tuck?

exerciseA tummy tuck is a major operation, so you can expect to have to take it easy and give yourself ample time to heal before you begin to start thinking about taking up a new exercise regime.

However, once you’ve been resting for several weeks and your surgeon is happy with how the operation site is healing, you should begin thinking about the kind of exercise is best to keep you fit, healthy and to ensure that the benefits of your tummy tuck last as long as possible.

First couple of weeks

In the weeks directly after you operation, walking gently should really be the limit of how much exercising you undertake. Walking will help your blood circulation and will be a good start in terms of introducing low impact exercise into your routine.

Four to six weeks post-op

Around a month to six weeks after the operation you should feel up to doing some low impact aerobic activity. This type of excise might be walking up an incline or small hill, or something like cycling on an exercise bike.

It is important to raise your heartbeat during this type of exercise so that you begin to build up your fitness again, but if you feel discomfort around the operation site while undertaking this type of exercise, then stop and consult your surgeon.

Everyone heals at different rates, so what is right for someone else may not be quite right for you just yet.

Six weeks to two months on

You’ll probably be feeling a lot better and now is probably time to increase your exercise to something that requires a bit more stamina.

Activities such as swimming, running (either outside or on a treadmill) or spinning classes are all good for improving your cardio and also strengthening muscles.

It is advised to wait until after three months or so have passed before you start abdominal exercises such as sit up or weight training.

Moving forwards

Once you have begun building up your energy levels and muscles, it is important to fall into a manageable routine that combines regularly exercise with eating a healthy, balanced diet.

This combination will ensure that the surgeon’s hard work is rewarded with your healthy approach to life, which will help you heal, feel good and keep any excess weight at bay.