What will my facelift look like in 5 years time?

Facelift_incisions_and_undermining_of_different_proceduresSome surgeons suggest that around five years is the maximum time you can expect a facelift to last for, and after that you should be prepared that the natural process of aging will begin to counteract the work you have had done, possibly meaning that you might need to consider visiting the surgeon again.

Until recently it has been difficult to get any robust data about the longevity of procedures like facelifts, but there has been some research done over the past few years where facelift patients have been followed up and their ageing changes documented.

This has given us a better idea of how long the results of a facelift can be expected to last, and what can be done to extend the benefits of the procedure for as long as possible.

There are some things that you can do to help….

There are, however, simple things you can do to try and boost the length of time you will benefit from your facelift in Leamington.

Refraining from smoking will mean that you’re not ageing your skin unnecessarily, and adopting a skin care regime that looks after your face and neck is recommended, to keep your skin supple and moisture-rich. It is also recommended not to overdo sun exposure, as the sun’s rays can also damage skin and affect its appearance.

Another factor to bear in mind is weight gain or loss. If your weight fluctuates significantly after you have undergone this type of procedure, it can affect your skin’s elasticity, and put strain on the newly tightened skin. This can affect how effective the operation looks and feels.

… And an element of good fortune

The final thing to consider is that some people’s genetic makeup means that they are predisposed to have a better quality of skin. Some people’s skin has greater rejuvenation properties, and if you’re one of these lucky people, you could expect that your facelift will naturally last longer than someone who is not as blessed.

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