How important is it to have support when undergoing elective surgery?

How important is it to have support when undergoing elective surgery?

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Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery is a lifechanging decision, some patients choose only to discuss their plans for a procedure with those closest but one thing is for sure, it is important to have ‘someone’ to support you through your experience.

You may have grown up feeling self conscious of a body part or your decision maybe the result of weight loss or childbirth so those closest to you will generally be aware of how your confidence or body image has been affected and want to support you through your experience.

I always recommend that a friend or relative should come along to consultations with my patients, whilst they maybe asked to step outside during any personal examinations, it is always good for another person to be there and to hear the expectational advice and information given during the appointment.

We have strict guidelines as to the period of time given between the consultation and the booking of surgery to allow patients to discuss their thoughts and decision to proceed for exactly this reason, having a friend who has also heard the advice means they can give a subjective opinion, one that is not influenced by emotion. This period of time sometimes known as a ‘cooling of period’ is an opportunity to really gather thoughts, to ensure that patients are certain of what they are about to undertake and to even use support platforms and forums to read about other patients experiences. I offer my patients the option of speaking to one of my previous patients who has consented to talking with prospective patients, if they wish.

When patients do decide to proceed with surgery, it is good to have that support on the day of surgery and we insist that there is someone around for at least 24 hours following surgery in the event that patients require any assistance during their immediate recovery.

What to expect from the cosmetic surgery journey

  1. Making an initial enquiry is an opportunity to ask questions, you will usually speak to the medical secretary so the advice will be non clinical however some background information will be gathered including date of birth, weight/BMI and the procedure of interest, an appointment will then be offered if appropriate.
  2. The consultation will always be with me, the surgeon. It is an opportunity to discuss expectations and any concerns, to go through the patients medical history and for an examination to be carried out. At this stage patients will be given the relevant information about the procedure and the costs involved.
  3. When patients have made the decision to proceed with surgery, several things will happen, an appointment will be made for a pre anaesthetic screening, some patients may require bloods to be taken prior to surgery, and advice will be given relating to medication being taken and any pre surgery guidance given that patients should be aware of.
  4. On the day of surgery it is important to remember that each procedure is unique whether it be that the procedure will be carried out as a daycase or an overnight stay, using local or general anaesthetic. Patients will have been given as much information as possible prior to surgery however it is important to remember that if questions arise at any point, just to ask the team.
  5. Patients recovery is almost as important as the surgery itself, following the guidance given is paramount to ensure a speedy and comfortable recovery. There will be a post-operative appointment made at discharge to see the nurses to remove any sutures if appropriate and you will see your surgeon in the coming weeks too. Contact information will be given should they be needed at any stage, whether for medical support or just to ask questions from an advisory and supportive perspective.

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