Australian Olympic hurdler causes a stir on social media

Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke sparked a huge stir 4 years ago for her slightly different warmup routine at the 2012 Olympics, she very quickly gained over 28 millions views on youtube for the video named ‘the jiggling vid’ and now has over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Michelle has also recently competed in the same event (100m hurdles) at this years 2016 Olympic Games which is currently taking place in Rio. Unfortunately for Michelle she didn’t place for a medal this time but her appearance has sparked yet more questions on Social Media about whether she has had a Breast Enlargement, also known as Boob Job.

Social Media can be very kind but on occasion can also be quite intrusive, Michelle hasn’t confirmed nor denied the queries and in my opinion, why should she? Surgery for some is something they are happy to share with friends, relatives and even the media but for some it is a very personal and private experience which should be respected.

23 year old Michelle is a talented lady representing her country and I’m sure is in the peak of physical fitness. Should she have had surgery she has waited until an appropriate age and being an Olympian, I’m sure her body will be in great shape to undergo surgery if she wished.

It is important to remember all our athletes competing at this years Olympics for the right reasons and not just Team GB, they have worked incredibly hard to get where they are, no matter where they finish, in last place or even Gold Medals, they are all inspirational athletes and we continue to wish them luck in the Rio Olympics.