How important are compression garments in aiding recovery from liposuction?

holiday bodyThis is an interesting question as it is one that garners many debates within the medical community.

Some surgeons swear by the increased healing abilities of individuals who use compression garments once they have undergone liposuction, whereas others suggest that the benefits are limited to the first couple of weeks and that there are no longer term benefits from squeezing yourself into compression garments post-surgery.

How are these garments supposed to help?

The argument in favour of wearing compression garments is that they are believed to help reduce swelling, bruising and speed up recovery from post-operative oedema, which is where watery fluid gathers in the wound site in the days and weeks following the operation.

The purpose of the compression is to keep the skin pressed nice and tightly to the muscle below, which is designed to help mitigate these side effects.

Ask an expert

If you have read around the benefits of compression garments then you’re certainly not going to come to any hard by choosing to wear one. They come in lots of different sizes and materials so it is important to choose a well-fitting garment otherwise it could cause unnecessary discomfort during the healing process.

If you are unsure whether or not to opt for one, speak to your surgeon who will be able to give you advice tailored to your own personal circumstances, including the site and scope of the operation you have undergone.

To try or not to try….

In the UK, many surgeons will recommend trying compression garments, although it is worth bearing in mind that these are not guaranteed to work for everyone, and you should ensure that your expectations should not be set too high.

There are many other factors that should be considered as part of your aftercare, including the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and re-introducing exercise when your body is ready for it and when it will not interfere with the procedure you have undergone.

Genetics play an important role too; with some people naturally able to heal faster than others. It will be a variety of these factors, and possibly the use of a compression garment for some, which ultimately impacts on how long you take to heal from a liposuction operation.