Does facelift surgery last forever?

Does facelift surgery last forever?

Ever heard the saying ‘nothing lasts forever’? It would be difficult to say your facelift will last forever however you should see some long lasting results. The key to your surgery lasting as long as possible lies very much in the condition of your skin pre surgery.

For example a patient with sun damaged skin, a smoker or someone who has skin laxity issues due to weight loss or gain may not see as longer lasting results of that of a person with great skin pre surgery.

Maintaining a good skincare regime both pre and post surgery is extremely important, as is keeping the skin hydrated at all times.

About Facelift Surgery

Facelift Surgery usually takes around 3-4 hrs in theatre, it would be carried out under General Anaesthetic and will usually require a 1-2 night in hospital.

The incisions are made very discreetly above the hairline and extend down either just inside the cartilage at the front of the ear or down the front of the ear in the natural line, they then continue around the back of the lobe and towards the crease behind the ear and off into the lower scalp. Sometimes a small incision maybe necessary under the chin area, however this is something that would be discussed during consultation.

The skin is then sutured so that is it lifted upwards and backwards similarly to what you would see when you lift your own skin in the mirror to imagine how the surgery may look. Drains are usually inserted during the surgery to drain away any excess fluid and to reduce swelling and bruising.

After surgery

A facelift is major surgery and will require rest in the first few days and weeks following surgery to allow the swelling and bruising to subside. As there is swelling and bruising immediately following surgery it is not uncommon for the true results of the surgery to take some weeks to become apparent.

Risks and Possible Complications

As with any surgery there are potential risks and complications to be aware of. The most common risks are numbness, bruising and swelling particularly around the ear where the scars are located. There are also some more uncommon complications which include Infection, haematoma, seroma, skin necrosis and nerve damage. Of course patients are invited for regular checks with our nurse team who are on hand should medical assistance be required following discharge from the hospital.

How to book a consultation

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