What effect will pregnancy have on breast augmentation?

How will pregnancy affect breast augmentationWhen considering going under the knife for any beauty treatments, the first question many will ask is, how long will this last?

The answer will depend on the surgery itself, the age you are when you undertake the surgery, and also your lifestyle choices – some of which are more sympathetic than others to the nature of the cosmetic procedure you have undergone.

For people who choose to undergo breast augmentation before they have started (or before they have fully finished building) their family, this is a common question. How will pregnancy affect my new breasts?

Changes to the implants?

The actual breast implants will not be affected in any way by falling pregnant. They are hard-wearing, durable and man made, so will not be physically affected by any changes your body undergoes during pregnancy.

Changes to your natural breasts?

In the early stages of pregnancy, many women find their breasts increase in size due to the influx of hormones in your body.

Depending on how much weight is gained throughout the pregnancy, they may continue growing throughout, and then when the baby is born your breasts will grow even more as your milk comes in, in preparation for feeding your new arrival.

This fluctuation throughout pregnancy can sometimes change the size and shape of your breasts temporarily, or sometimes the affects can be permanent.

If the latter is the case, it may be necessary to undergo additional surgery in the months or years after childbirth, if you feel that the natural changes in your body have changed how your implants sit, and how your post pregnancy figure suits your previous implants.

Worth planning ahead

Surgeons such as Mr Alan Park have been performing breast-related surgery for many years, and have helped women of all ages and all shapes and sizes. With this wealth of experience, the advice to women who are considering breast implants is to have a think ahead to the next 5 years, and reflect on whether or not you might consider starting a family in that time.

If you are thinking that a family might be on the cards sooner rather than later, then it would be more sensible to wait, and see whether or not surgery is the right step for you, once you have undergone your pregnancy/ pregnancies.