How does liposuction affect weight loss?

how does liposuction affect weight lossWhen people are dissatisfied with their appearance, they will often explore a multitude of avenues, looking for the solution that is best for them.

If you’re unhappy with a particular area of your body, for example, your legs, tummy or upper arms, some people will consider liposuction as a way of addressing this.

But just how much does liposuction affect weight loss, and how interlinked are the two approaches?

Ask an expert, such as Coventry and Leamington cosmetic surgeon Mr Alan Park, and they will be quick to tell you that liposuction is not a short cut to weight loss. It offers a very different solution.

For people whose dissatisfaction with their body is caused by carrying too much weight, liposuction coupled with a controlled weight loss programme can complement each other nicely, but one is not a substitute for the other.

The role of weight loss

If you are aiming to lose weight as part of a body re-shaping plan, then you will need to lose your desired amount of weight before considering the surgical route. To use an analogy, the weight loss is the cake and the liposuction can offer the cherry on the top.

If you are still carrying excess weight when you undertake liposuction then the final results will be unlikely to offer the fix that you’re expecting.

Ideally, if you need to lose weight and have identified stubborn areas of fat where you’d like surgical intervention, then a regime that includes both components should be considered.

The role of liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical procedure used for extracting and removing fat from the body. Surgeons will make an incision and extract fatty cells from underneath the surface of the skin. It is most commonly used for ‘body contouring’, whereby people wish to make the surface of the skin appear smoother and firmer.

It can also be beneficial if a layer of fat is sitting over muscle and the desire is that the muscle needs to be more clearly defined.

The best time to undertake liposuction is when your weight is static. If you are happy with your weight or you have lost the optimum amount you were aiming for, that is the ideal time to undertake liposuction, as the results will demonstrate the desired contouring on the body size that you’re aiming to maintain.