The National Breast Register launches

There weren’t many people that didn’t hear about the much publicised PIP Breast Implant scandal back in 2010. Thousands of women were affected although to what extent became difficult to judge due to record keeping at that time. Although not directly affected as I have never used the implants in question, I saw and still see patients whose original providers are no longer in business but want the implants removing for peace of mind more than anything else. I see the launch of the National Breast Register as another welcome step towards the safeguarding and protection of our patients and would urge patients to confirm that their provider is registered in the scheme prior to surgery.

The register will be managed by the NHS to begin with and will initially be used for the collation of breast implant information although it is expected to be rolled out across all cosmetic implants over time including Calf and Buttock Implants.

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