How long can I expect breast implants to last?

how long will breast implants lastOne of the first questions people want to know when considering any form of cosmetic surgery, be it breast implants or liposuction, is how long the benefits of their operation will last. This will be used to weigh up the cost versus the longer term benefits.

For women wishing to have breast implants, this is a big decision. So just how long can they expect their implants to last? Do they last forever? Will they need to be replaced?

Coventry and Leamington cosmetic surgeon Mr Alan Park and his team can answer these questions for anyone who is considering this type of operation or who has undergone it already and has questions regarding its longevity.

Life expectancy of breast implants

Breast implants are made from man-made products, so are not expected to last forever. As with many man-made materials, over time they will begin to perish and may need to be replaced. To understand the rate at which breast implants perish, we must first consider what they are made of.

The inner materials of breast implants vary, these can either be saline or they can be silicone gel. Regardless of what the inside is made of, the outer layer is the same, so the rate at which these will perish is the same.

Urban myths

It is often said that implants should be replaced every 10 years, although this is not strictly true. If there is no evidence that the implants have ruptured or are leaking and you are not seeing any side effects (for example a change in shape/size or a change in colour of the skin around the breasts) then you do not need to change your implants on their 10th anniversary.

If you have any concerns at all then make an appointment to speak to a cosmetic surgeon who will be able to give you the help and advice you require.

If you’re completely happy with the look, feel and shape of your implants after 10 years then you could consider a routine check up with a consultant to check that they are ok. If the surgeon is happy with how your implants are faring then there is no need to rush to replace them.

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