Am I alone in worrying about the look of my prominent ears?

Gareth Bale is believed to have had surgery for his prominent earsIf you’ve identified an area of your body that you are not 100% happy with then it can play on your mind and become all-consuming. For people who are concerned about the size, shape and prominence of their ears, their concerns can be continually reinforced as ears are visible each and every time you look into the mirror.

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like something you can relate to then don’t worry – you’re not alone. It is estimated that between 1- and 2% of the UK’s population believes that their ears are too prominent. The population of the UK is now around 64 million people, so this equates to between 640,000 and 128,000 people who share your concerns. That should offer some reassurance at least that this is a fairly common concern and that there are many others who share your concerns.

With such a demand for answers and solutions to the problem, it is not surprising to hear that surgeons such as Mr Alan Park offer surgical fixes to help correct ears that stick out too much.

Even the rich and famous can suffer from prominent ears

It is not just the likes of you or me who might feel that ear surgery may be beneficial. There are some famous celebrities who have taken the step to have corrective ear surgery, or a ‘pinnaplasty’.

It is believed that actor Brad Pitt had his ears pinned back early in his career, and football superstar Gareth Bale also took steps to adjust the appearance of his, following some very public jesting about their prominence and his supposed likeness to the FA cup. Ears that stick out too much can be a common concern for men, as, unlike their female counterparts, male hair styling is often not sympathetic to hiding overly prominent ears.

If the appearance of your ears is causing angst or worry then book an appointment to see Mr Alan Park and he will be able to talk you through your options.

Corrective ear surgery is a quick operation with a great success and satisfaction rate, so don’t hesitate to explore whether it is the fix you have been looking for.

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