Combating wrinkles and crows’ feet….does anti wrinkle cream really work?

Thinking about wrinkles and crows' feetMany people are unhappy to see the arrival of wrinkles, especially those that appear around facial features. Laughter and frown lines, crows’ feet, whatever they are called, they are often unwelcome.

There are a number of surgical procedures available that can significantly improve the appearance of wrinkled skin, although people often try non-surgical alternatives first. One of the best known non-surgical approaches is using anti-wrinkle cream, but does this really work?

The truth behind the advertising

Many anti wrinkle creams promise truly great results – which can sometimes sound too good to be true. Unfortunately, as with most things that sound too good to be true, often the reality doesn’t quite live up to the claim. It’s not that the advertising is untrue, per se; it’s often that claims may be somewhat exaggerated, or tested on very small groups of people. Unlike advertising for medical products, non-prescription treatments are not subjected to the same rigorous code of conduct that drugs are, so they can be a bit more relaxed with the language, terminology and claims made.

Interestingly, although you will pay a premium for creams that contain wrinkle-busting ingredients such as retinol, Q10, different vitamins, peptides, hydroxyl acids and so on, even very basic moisturisers will be able to somewhat lessen the appearance of wrinkles. So, although the benefit achieved by creams is limited, any moisturising cream should be able to help somewhat reduce wrinkles.

The key to this is the moisturising credentials. When skin absorbs moisture, it becomes fuller. This in turn makes wrinkles appear to be diminishing, as the firmer, fuller skin masks their appearance. So, really what you want to look for is a good moisturiser, rather than an extremely expensive anti wrinkle cream with lots of impressive-sounding claims and ingredients.

When you consider which moisturisers to try, sun cream is a surprise contender for its effectiveness against wrinkles. Not only does it moisturise your skin, the components that block harmful UV rays from the sun will work in parallel with the moisturising to ensure that your skin is protected against any further damage.

Thinking about the next steps to deal with your wrinkles

When you’ve finished exploring different creams, lotions and potions and feel ready to talk to a cosmetic surgeon about the surgical options that are available, book an appointment to speak with Mr Alan Park and his team. They will guide you through the treatments that would be most appropriate and help you decide on the next steps.