Can men have blepharoplasty procedures?

There are many cosmetic surgery procedures that are growing in popularity for men as well as women. The modern man is not shy to admit where he’s not entirely perfect, and if a cosmetic surgeon can help tackle some problem areas, then more and more men are opening their eyes to this.

A blepharoplasty procedure is one that addresses excess, sagging skin around the eyes. It can help improve the appearance of eye bags, which can affect men or women equally. As such, more men than ever before have been considering having this cosmetic tweak. Those who are suffering with drooping eye bags can feel that they look older and more tired, so it is a helpful fix for those looking to address excess facial skin and regain confidence in your overall appearance.

male eyelid liftWhat makes this procedure even more appealing for men is when others who are in the public eye talk about their experiences, and you can see firsthand what a difference it has made. George Clooney is regarded to be a naturally good-looking man and is ageing gracefully, and he is reported to have opted for a male eyelid lift operation to help freshen up his facial appearance.

Men and women can favour different looks

The procedure differs somewhat for men and women. There are subtle differences in how the structure of the face suits both genders, there is also variance in what men and women regard as being desirable/attractive and also differences in how fat is stored within the skin. The operation is slightly more complicated for men, but this has not deterred men from exploring this increasingly popular procedure. It can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids – or both – but understanding these differences is important to ensure that the end result looks as natural as possible.

Ready to take the next step

If you’re male and are considering a blepharoplasty operation, there are a few factors that will be considered by surgeons before the operation takes place. These are as follows and will be discussed with you thoroughly at consultation stage:

  • Your age – generally this operation is recommended for patients over 35
  • Your overall physical health
  • No underlying medical conditions that could affect the procedure or your recovery from it

If you wish to talk to the team here about your suitability for a male eyelid lift, get in touch with Mr Alan Park’s Leamington cosmetic surgery clinic to arrange an appointment.