New sun cream that blocks the sun’s rays but still lets you tan

mole removalWhether it is a healthy sun kissed glow or more enthusiastic bronzing, we look forward to getting a bit of colour over the summer months. No matter how careful people are in applying sun cream and protective clothing when out in the sunshine, there’s no getting away from the fact that here in the UK it is regarded as attractive to have a bit of colour to your skin.

The damage that the sun’s rays can do to your skin, though, is well documented, and people are now much more aware than in previous generations of how to look after their skin the best they can. But there might be a new product that can change everything we know about how to acquire a safe sun tan.

New scientific developments

It has recently been reported that there is a new cream on the market, which has the potential to revolutionise safe tanning and move us away from the messiness of fake tan. Scientists in America have reportedly “developed a drug that tricks the skin into releasing the pigment melanin, which causes the skin to darken.”

When it comes into contact with skin, the active ingredient in the new cream sends signals to the brain, tricking the body into believing it needs to create melanin. When melanin is produced, the skin begins to tan. According to the producers of the new cream, this would work across all skin types – including those with very fair skin and redheads, who typically find it very difficult to tan.

Make sure you’re familiar with your body and don’t be afraid to get checked out

As good as this product may be, it won’t undo damage caused in the past, so if you have been used to spending a lot of time in the sun then you still need to keep a close eye on your skin. If you’re worried at all then seek an expert option.

If you have a mole or an area of skin that has changed in its appearance or feel, it is still very important to get this checked out. If you wish to take preventative steps like having mole removal then surgeons such as Mr Alan Park can assist with this and help give you peace of mind required.