Which cosmetic procedures will be popular in 2018?

2018 cosmetic surgery trendsAs we enter a new year it is interesting to look back over the trends of 2017 and wonder what might be on people’s cosmetic surgery wish list for 2018. The start of a new year is a time to make resolutions and often this can be appearance based. Here’s our rundown of cosmetic surgery procedures which we believe will continue to grow in popularity through 2018.

  1. Facial surgery – surgical and non-surgical

The fascination with celebrity culture and the increasing love of social media means that people are seeking out facial treatments to give them the latest on-trend look. We expect dermal fillers to continue to rise in popularity; many patients opt for lip augmentation to give them fuller, more defined lips or volumisation of the cheeks for a more sculpted appearance similar to their favourite social media stars.

Facial peels are also seeing an increase in demand, as they are quick to undertake and results are welcomed by patients who wish to roll back the years somewhat but who don’t have the time or inclination yet to go under the knife.

Traditional favourites are also expected to continue to rise in popularity, with facelifts, eye brow surgery and neck lifts all continuing to trend through 2018. Even if you’re opting for a non-surgical procedure though it is important to ensure your safety is a priority by choosing a practitioner with the necessary skill and expertise.

  1. Fat Transfer

A much newer technique that has really got patients excited this year is fat grafting. This is where fat is extracted from an area of the body where excess fat cells are available and, put simply, injected into areas that are naturally less robust. It’s the cosmetic surgery answer to ‘remove, reuse and recycle’ and patients are loving it. There are not many of us who don’t think that they’d benefit from a little fat extraction, and if this can then be injected into areas such as the lips, breasts or buttocks to give them a fuller, more shapely appearance, then it really is win, win.

  1. The more ‘natural’ look

This year has seen an interesting migration towards the more ‘natural’ look. A few years ago, the cosmetic surgery trends tended to lean towards a bold, statemented look. Very large breasts, very round breasts and very pronounced buttocks were the desired look and hence very popular. Although this look is still on trend, we are seeing more and more people opt for more moderate tweaks, with more understated aspirations.

However, it is important to understand that cosmetic surgery should never be a trend-led decision; it should always be the right choice for you. For expert and unbiased advice, arrange a consultation with Warwickshire based plastic surgeon Mr Alan Park.