Cosmetic surgery considerations

cosmetic surgery considerationsAll big decisions in life need careful thought and consideration before you decide to take the plunge, and cosmetic surgery is no different. It is important to think through every step if the process carefully before you commit to any decision, as you need to be fully informed and fully prepared before you opt for surgery.

Here’s some of the key things our patients should consider before choosing to go ahead with any cosmetic surgery procedure with Mr Alan Park.

Think about the costs – both up front and in terms of aftercare

Most cosmetic surgery procedures are funded by the patient, so make sure you’re fully informed at the onset what costs to expect. Ask plenty of questions, especially with regards to things such as aftercare requirements. It is also important to consider whether or not you will be able to work properly in the days/weeks following your operation and putting suitable plans in place to manage this process.

Ensure you have realistic expectations

Surgical procedures can make a marked difference to areas of the body that you’re not happy with (and as a by-product, can also help improve self-confidence), but it is important to remember that this is only within achievable parameters. Looking at before and after photos of what has been achieved in the past is a great starting point to see what can be achieved by different operations and how this fits with the body shape you’re starting with and wishing to end with.

Consider who the procedure is ultimately for

Cosmetic surgery is a very personal thing and there is no doubt in our minds that when you make the decision to alter your appearance, you must be making this decision for yourself – not for someone else. Don’t bow to peer or family pressure – opt for what is best for you and your own wishes.

Get ready to listen to the experts

In the run up to your operation you may be asked (or suggestions will be made) on how to prepare your body for surgery – and this will include recommendations such as stopping smoking, as this can affect the body’s ability to heal. The same is true when you’re in the recovery period. Depending on the scale of your chosen operation(s), you’ll be advised how quickly you can begin exercising again, what you should be eating, how long to wait before undertaking any form of heavy lifting, and so on. It is important to listen to this advice as the experts know what they are talking about. Ignoring advice could result in longer healing times or damage to the operation site.

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