Cosmetic surgery – what is the recommended age for some of the popular procedures?

right age for cosmetic surgeryCosmetic surgery is designed to help improve people’s perception of how they look and how they feel, and ultimately to improve their self-confidence. We hear some people talking about how they have desired to have particular procedures done since they were really quite young, and others ponder whether they are too old to really benefit from some of the procedures offered.

As with most decisions in life, we have to weigh up the pros and cons and make a judgement based on the information available. Here we try and help answer the question of the right age for cosmetic surgery, in relation to some of our most sought-after cosmetic procedures.

Facial cosmetic surgery

Dermal fillers or Botox – these are ideal for patients who are seeing the first signs of facial ageing although we are seeing a rising trend towards much younger patients wishing to have these done as it is possible to sculpt and enhance facial features.

Facial cosmetic surgery procedures such as eyelid lifts or facelift are ideal for men and women between the ages of 45 and 65. They can’t stop the ageing process and shouldn’t make you look drastically different; Mr Alan Park’s aim is always to make you look more naturally rejuvenated.

Tummy tuck

Age and lifestyle both play a role here. As a rule of thumb we would suggest age 30+ for this, although it is important that you have tried natural methods to lose weight and tighten tummy muscles before going down the surgical route. If you’re carrying more weight than you would like to and plan to diet/continue dieting, then it is important that you reach your target weight before you have the operation. Weight loss after a procedure like this can affect your results.

A tummy tuck is also very popular with young women after they have children as it is not always possible to address the effect of pregnancy on the abdominal muscles with diet and exercise alone.

Breast surgery

The key thing with any form of breast surgery is that you allow your breasts to develop fully before you begin any form of modification. At the age of 18 you could choose to undergo surgery if you feel your breasts are too small, although be aware that this is still quite young to make such a big decision. Some women will choose breast uplifts and these are quite common in the 30+ age bracket. Women tend to have completed their families in their 30s so this is when they might consider tackling issues such as reduced breast volume or fullness. As with a tummy tuck, if you’re considering losing a significant amount of weight it is best to try and achieve this before you have the operation.


This is a good all-rounder and can help people of all ages. As long as you’re over 18, if you’ve got troublesome areas with stubborn fat that you’re struggling to shift with diet and/or exercise, then tackling this with liposuction may be the answer you’re looking for.

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