Latest UK cosmetic surgery figures released, revealing interesting gender split

UK cosmetic surgery figuresStatistics for the cosmetic surgery industry in 2017 have been released and it revealed an interesting split between men and women and their approach to cosmetic surgery, particularly in relation to enhancing the face or body. The data was compiled by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), the UK’s leading independent plastic surgery association.

Its membership, including Warwickshire based cosmetic surgeon Mr Alan Park, represents the UK’s leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons who are dedicated to ensuring patient safety.

Male cosmetic surgery trends in 2017

In general terms, men in 2017 favoured facial rejuvenation procedures over body procedures; liposuction was down 20 per cent, tummy tucks dropped by 12 per cent and even gynaecomastia surgery, known as a male breast reduction, saw a dive in popularity. Maybe, men are now keen to embrace the dad bod after unsuccessfully trying to emulate ripped stars such as the Davids Gandy and Beckham.

However, men were not shunning surgery last year. Eyelid and brow lifts rose by 25 and 27 per cent respectively. Facelifts also went up, by 16 per cent, possibly revealing a desire to look more rejuvenated, refreshed and dynamic in a tough working environment.

What women want from cosmetic surgery

The data for female patients revealed a very different focus; facial plastic surgery saw a big drop with the number of female facelifts dropping by 44 per cent and brow lifts by 31 per cent.

Body enhancing procedures, on the other hand, were more popular with women, possibly driven by increasing social media pressures. Abdominoplasties and fat transfer procedure figures remained static, but the ever-popular boob job rose by 7 per cent.

Overall, there was a slight decrease in the amount of plastic surgery operations performed across the board, which is hopefully indicative that prospective patients are approaching cosmetic enhancement as a serious prospect.