Advice for looking after yourself following cosmetic breast surgery

In the days and weeks following any surgical procedure, it is important to look after yourself and follow your aftercare instructions carefully. We have compiled a list of handy hints and tips on how to look after yourself once you have undergone cosmetic breast surgery.

#1 Read your aftercare information – and stick to it

The information from your surgeon about how you should approach your recovery should not be filed and forgotten. Follow your aftercare instructions carefully, and make sure you are clear on which painkillers you are able to take. It is important to eat and drink healthily too so that your body is given the best possible tools to work with while it is busy recovering from the operation.

#2 Exercise if you wish – but with caution

If you’re keen to get active again this is fine, but this will require some patience. Gentle exercise like walking won’t cause you any problems, but strenuous activity and high impact sports should be avoided until further on in the healing process. If you’re unsure whether a particular activity is appropriate, contact your surgical team and ask for advice. Whatever you choose to do in terms of exercise, listen to your body and if it feels like you have pushed yourself too far, rein it back in for a bit and take it a bit slower.

#3 Don’t be tempted to reach for the cigarettes

If you’re a smoker, you will have been advised to stop (or at least cut back on) smoking in the run-up to your operation, and the advice remains the same while you are healing. Smoking has a detrimental effect on how quickly the body can heal, so don’t risk slowing the recovery process down after a breast augmentation or breast uplift.

#4 Sleep on your back

This may feel strange if you’re a tummy sleeper or a side sleeper, but you can train your body to adopt a new routine, and this is definitely sensible as it avoids pitting excess pressure on your breasts while they are healing. There’s no need to panic if you wake up and find you’ve rolled onto your side or front; but be aware of it and position yourself on your back when you drift off again.

#5 And, finally, get plenty of rest

Resting is your body’s natural way of recharging and allowing cells to regenerate. This happens naturally overnight when we are sleeping but periods of rest throughout the day give your body time to help boost this process. When your body has been put under the stress of an operation, resting is imperative to give it chance to heal properly. Although you may be feeling fine and will be tempted to push yourself, there is plenty of time for that and the importance of resting properly should not be underestimated.