How do I know what the best breast implant size is for me?

breast implant sizeIt’s funny to talk about breast size going in and out of fashion, but that’s exactly what does happen. Whether people want very large or much smaller breasts really does change over time, and the cosmetic surgery trends adapt accordingly. Back in the 1980s, the Baywatch-inspired breasts were large, round and brazen, whereas, in the 1990s, the supermodel-inspired look favoured smaller, more discrete, natural looking bosoms.

There are two key things that need to be taken into consideration when you are choosing breast implant size:

  1. What look do you really want?
  2. What look is best supported by your natural frame?

For some people, the two will be aligned, for others, your natural size and shape will play a big role in determining whether what you really want is possible when it comes to breast implant size.

Important things that you will need to take into consideration are things like your current breast size, the width of your shoulders, your current weight (and whether or not you have plans to gain or lose weight before your operation).

It’s is also important to research the shape of the implant you wish to choose – broadly speaking the two options are ‘round’ and ‘teardrop’. The perception is that the latter produces a much more natural look whereas the former lends itself more to the ‘fake’ look, but depending on your frame, existing breast size and amount of tissue coverage, round implants may be the best option to achieve the outcome you want.

Ultimately it is really important to listen to the views of the expert. Your cosmetic surgeon will have performed many breast implant operations before, on women with all varieties of body types, so they are best placed to advise whether or not what you are aspiring for is possible. If they don’t think that something will work, and recommend a bigger or smaller implant size, it is really worth listening to their reservations and maybe taking a bit more time to think through what is best for you.

Which cosmetic surgery trends to look out for next….

Just as we have seen breast sizes go in and out of favour, the same is true for bottoms. Thanks to JLo and the Kardashians, the trend for bigger, fuller, rounder bottoms are extremely desirable right now. Cosmetic surgery is like fashion, there really are noticeable trends to look out for, and like it or not, these tend to be influenced by celebrity culture.