Making an informed decision about breast surgery – breast implant placement

breast implant placementWith all choices in life, it is important to research what you are signing up for so that you can make the decision that feels best for you. Often, the amount of information available online can either be scarce or so detailed it can become overwhelming. Here we help outline the different options for breast implant placement so anyone considering this type of operation can understand more clearly what the differences are.

Key highlights of subpectoral breast implant placement

  • Implant is slotted in between the two major muscles in the chest – called the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles
  • The location of the implant is under the bigger of the two muscles
  • As the implant is under the muscle, the healed breasts can feel softer as the implants are located deeper within the body
  • Recovery time is slightly longer, and it can be more painful to heal from because it is a more complex operation

Key highlights of submammary breast implant placement

  • The implant is placed in front of both of the chest muscles and the mammary gland
  • The location of the implant is therefore much nearer to the surface of the skin and can be more visible
  • As the implant is closer to the skin, women who have more naturally available breast tissue are often deemed more suitable for this type of implant
  • This is a quicker operation as access is easier, hence healing time is usually faster as well

During your breast augmentation consultation with Mr Alan Park, he will discuss implant placement, along with the size and shape of breast implants. He will take into account physical considerations, including your existing frame and amount of tissue in the breasts, as well as the look you’re hoping to achieve. The choice about which is best, therefore, is usually a collaborative process and can be discussed at length before you come to your final decision.