Mr Alan Park speaks at the London Breast Meeting

Breast Surgeon Mr Alan Park at the London Breast MeetingLast Friday, Mr Alan Park attended the London Breast Meeting, held at the Royal College of Physicians. This is the fifth annual scientific meeting dedicated to breast surgery, covering three days of events, exhibitions and talks. The focus of this year’s meeting is Common Problems in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery and hosted a prestigious Faculty, drawn from all over the world.

Leading UK breast surgeon Mr Park spoke on the Friday, chairing a Symposium that was supported by GC Aesthetics. Italian plastic surgeon Fabio Santanelli do Pompeo discussed smooth Implants in a talk entitled ‘Back to the future or forward to the past?’ and then Mr Park spoke on the safety of new generation silicone breast implants, covering excellence in shell, gel and shape.

Continuing his commitment to educating and training new surgeons, Mr Park will be doing a live operating workshop in Ireland in two weeks.