Cosmetic surgery could be the answer to feelings of ‘invisibility’

cosmetic surgery choiceA recent 2,000-strong survey undertaken by a cosmetic surgery clinic consulted individuals on their views regarding cosmetic survey. Topics included the types of operations they would consider having and their reasons for considering surgery, results of which have now been published and help us understand a bit more about what is driving the decisions made by consumers (and potential consumers) of cosmetic surgery.

Firstly, to put the perspectives in context, many men and women were finding that as they entered their 40s they no longer felt as appealing to potential suitors/admirers. In fact, according to, “women feel they’re most ‘invisible’ to men at the age of 45, [with] as many as 67% of women claim they receive less attention from men once they hit the age of 45.” This feeling has been attributed to many reasons which include the presence of grey hair, more visible wrinkles and dark circles underneath the eyes.

Women are not the only ones to harbour these reservations about their looks, survey findings also suggest that “a huge 74% of men believed to notice a rapid decline in how much attention they received from women by the time they turned 47 and believed that drooping jowls. double chins, grey hair and man boobs were to blame.” So, the gripes are different, but the outcome is the same: many people are now feeling dissatisfied with their ageing looks and are prepared to do something about it.

None of this is helped by the omnipresence of social media, but like it or loath it, social media appears to be here to stay. We are now surrounded more than ever with friends, family and persons of interest posting the best images to social media. This creates huge social pressure. Imagine you’re not feeling your best and you see countless images of people (seemingly) looking and feeling fabulous. It is not going to help, in fact, it has got many people thinking seriously about how to address the issues with how they are feeling.

The era of choice? Our 20s

Unsurprisingly, given these concerns, one of the main reasons cited by women (in particular) for choosing to go under the knife was to restore a more youthful looking appearance, with many citing the desire to turn back the clock to an age when they felt more youthful and more confident – with many feeling their 20s is this ‘beloved bygone’ age when our features were smoothest, firmest and most clearly defined.

Depending on your age, this is not necessarily possible, but there is a wide range of surgical and non-surgical options that are available to help people feel more confident about their looks. If you are considering your options and want to discuss your options with an expert, arrange an appointment speak to a specialist about what you are hoping to achieve, your budget and your motivations.