Breast implant question: how strong and safe is your breast implant?

Breast augmentation continues to be the most popular surgery, both worldwide and here in the UK, as women continue to want to enhance their breasts and achieve the figure they may have long desired. However, unlike a tummy tuck or facelift, which remove sagging skin or excess fat and reposition tissues, an augmentation with breast implants means placing a foreign body into your body.

It’s no wonder that the majority of patients that attend a breast augmentation consultation at Mr Alan Park’s Warwickshire cosmetic surgery practice, wish to know just how safe and resilient a breast implant is.

Saline breast implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution encased in a silicone shell. Mr Park offers saline breast implants if the patient specifically requests them, but he prefers to use silicone breast implants. These are filled with medical-grade viscous material, encased in a soft shell that gives a firm but natural feel. Saline implants can result in a sensation known as ‘rippling’, which is why silicone implants are more popular in the UK. Different implant brands or types have varying degrees of cohesiveness that affects the feel and shape.

One of the latest developments in implant manufacture is known as ‘gummy bear’ implants which hold their shape even when the shell is ruptured or split.

Mr Alan Park uses only the highest quality breast implants from manufacturers which have a strong safety record. The Nagor silicone breast implants are manufactured with high-performance elastomer layers that improve the integrity of the outer shell. They also have a 360° barrier to ensure the implant maintains shape as well as minimise any gel diffusion if the implant was to rupture.

The other implant offered by Mr Park is Eurosilicone and their manufacturer recently released the results of a ten-year prospective clinical study that demonstrated their high safety rate. With a rupture rate of less than 2%and a reoperation rate of 3.6%, the findings were shown to be lower than the nine-year study reported by other breast implant manufacturers.

Breast implant questionFor more information, the BBC made a fascinating video on how a breast implant is made when they visited the Nagor manufacturing plant in the UK.

However, if you have any further breast implant questions, call us on 01926 436341 to arrange a consultation with Mr Park.