facelift options

Which facelift procedure is right for you?

As we discovered in our last blog post, the facelift is still one of the most popular and most researched cosmetic surgery procedures, with plastic surgeons predicting increased interest over the coming decade as techniques continue to refine and develop.

However, for those doing their research on facelifts, things can quickly become confusing as it can seem there are many different ‘types’ of facelifts and individual plastic surgeons may use very different terms to describe the same operation. Here’s the lowdown on your facelift options.

Upper, middle and lower facelifts

Three of the most common terms are upper facelift, mid-facelift and lower facelift, yet these can be slightly misleading in terms of the surgery required. Generally, the upper face describes your brow and forehead area, whereas the mid-face is from your eye area down to the mouth, so the nose, cheeks and around your upper lip. The lower face is from the corners of the mouth down so the jawline, chin and neck area. A facelift will typically address the mid and lower face and a brow lift is the procedure required for the upper face. Often a facelift and brow lift are combined in one procedure.

Mini vs full facelifts

Often, you’ll see a mini facelift mentioned and that can often seem a more attractive prospect as it promises less scarring and downtime than a full facelift. The mini facelift typically entails shorter incisions in the skin – which is why it is often termed a short scar facelift. These are made just in front of the ears and the cosmetic surgeon will then lift the mid-face area to restore a more youthful appearance to the cheek area and reduce nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

A mini facelift can be a highly effective procedure for younger patients that are starting to see mild to moderate sagging and want a subtle rejuvenation, but for patients with more pronounced ageing changes to the face, a mini facelift will probably not deliver the results they are hoping for and a full facelift with adjuvant procedures such as a neck lift or brow lift is the most appropriate facelift option.

Is it possible to have a non-surgical facelift?

If you’re googling facelifts, then you will definitely find lots of aesthetic clinics offering a ‘non-surgical facelift’ that promises all the benefits of surgery without any of the drawbacks. Lasers and injectables such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers can be highly effective as anti-ageing measures for younger patients that only have minimal skin and tissue changes, but, like the mini facelift, there are many men and women who would benefit more from a surgical facelift.

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