breast augmentation recovery

What to expect after breast augmentation surgery

With any form of cosmetic surgery, it is easy to focus on what you wish to achieve and how you would like to look once you have undergone your chosen procedure(s).  All surgeries require a little bit of patience before the final results are evident, as depending on what you have had done, you will need to heal fully in the days, weeks or months following your operation.

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure worldwide and the results are typically significantly different from how patients looked before. Here’s a guide to what to expect from the breast augmentation recovery period.

Breast augmentation recovery: immediately after

You will feel under par when you first wake from the anaesthetic – you can expect to feel groggy and a bit light-headed to begin with while the effects wear off. This is perfectly normal. Some people feel a bit nauseous too and if this continues you can be given anti-nausea tablets to help ease this. You’ll feel tired and sore and the skin on your chest will feel tight because of the swelling.

Breast augmentation recovery: it will take a little time for the results to ‘settle’

You’ll be excited to look down and see what your breasts look like, so be aware that to begin with they will be swollen and bruised from the surgery. Depending on how fast your body heals, the extent of the surgery and the type of implants you have chosen, this will usually begin to disappear in two to four weeks.

Breast augmentation recovery: special underwear will be required

It is important that you wear a special ‘surgical support bra’ that is designed to work around your operation and to help your breasts heal most effectively. Very much like nursing bras for breastfeeding mums, these surgical support bras will need to be worn in the night time as well as the day and are usually recommended for at least four weeks after the operation. They help give your recovering breasts the support and comfort that they need to begin with.

Breast augmentation recovery: the healing process

Patients typically have one night in hospital following surgery such as this, but some may choose to go home on the same day. The advice is to take it easy for the first few weeks. If you wish to begin exercising again, start with something gentle like walking, but wait a couple of weeks before you do this and take it easy. You should build up gradually and you should soon find you’re healing well. You should be able to exercise normally after around six to eight weeks.

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