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Can fat return after liposuction?

Liposuction is one of the most popular forms of body contouring, with thousands of consumers in the UK opting to have this done every year. Every the slimmest of people who eat well and exercise regularly can be troubled by stubborn pockets of fat, which is why liposuction is ideal, as it allows people to target specific areas with much more accuracy. During the operation, fat is extracted via a suction device through a small cannula inserted into the area of the body you wish to target.

One of the questions Mr Alan Park is asked during a liposuction consultation is whether it’s possible for the fat to come back again after you have had the procedure?

Looking after your lipo results

The most effective way to maintain the results of your lipo procedure is to stay healthy. Ideally, you need to have reached your target weight at the time you have liposuction and plan to maintain it. If you yo-yo with weight gain and weight loss following the procedure than you will find that this affects how the results look. The liposuction will be carried out with your current weight in mind and will be designed to fit your frame at the time of the procedure. It cannot maintain the look it has achieved if you gain a lot of weight afterwards.

Although liposuction is a permanent procedure in that the fat cells will not ‘grow back’, the remaining fat cells can expand. Or weight gain will become more apparent in other areas of the body where more fat cells are present. So, gaining weight won’t put you back to square one, per se, but it could give you a different area of the body to fixate on.

Over time, the effects will also soften as the ageing process continues and skin and other tissues start to sag. This is unavoidable but will not occur overnight. The area(s) you have had liposuction will remain looking better, but the effectiveness will wear off as the years creep by.

Optimising the look

It is very important to follow guidance and instructions of your cosmetic surgeon after the surgery. Eating well and exercising regularly are recommended, as is drinking lots of water to ensure you’re well hydrated. Wear a specially-designed compression garment which will help with the healing process and help produce optimal results.

Liposuction is regarded as a permanent fix, but the effects can be diminished if you do not take good care of your post-surgery body. During your liposuction consultation, Mr Alan Park will discuss how best to look after your lipo results. Call 01926 436341 to find out more.