liposuction demand

New gym wear trend sparks rise in women demanding liposuction

Dubbed ‘athleisure’ clothing, a new gym wear trend has been cited as the reason for a sharp increase in demand for liposuction in female patients. Increasingly, women are wearing high fashion sports bras, leggings and training outside of the gym and, correspondingly, there is a perception of a certain physique required to pull off this new trend when out and about.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, one of the UK’s leading plastic surgery organisations of which Mr Alan Park is a member, have recently released their annual cosmetic surgery figures. BAAPS have noticed a sharp rise in liposuction procedures and the belief is that women are turning to lipo as a quick fix to get a washboard tum or sculpted behind.

Liposuction procedures to the stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs saw a 12% growth on the previous year, rising to 2,286 procedures performed by BAAPS surgeons. Other body contouring procedures also saw an increase, with tummy tucks growing by five per cent. Popular reality TV programmes such as Love Island, which is just about to hit our televisions again, are also blamed, with the emphasis they put on the body beautiful.

The term athleisure first officially entered the dictionary in 2016 and it is deemed as ‘a style of clothing worn as athletic apparel but also suitable for casual, everyday wear’.

What can liposuction do… and what can’t it do?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove deposits of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure; patients are usually at or near their ideal body weight but are striving to enhance or improve their body contours. It’s typically performed on the stomach, buttocks and legs, but it can also be used to remove fat under the chin to improve the appearance of the jawline.

The fat cells that are removed during a liposuction procedure are permanently eradicated, but this doesn’t mean that you can abandon workouts and your diet and be able to maintain your results. The remaining fat cells can expand, undermining the results you’ve achieved.

After liposuction, you are not left with extensive scarring as you would after a tummy tuck, as small incisions are made through which the cannula is inserted, and the fat cells removed. However, this doesn’t mean that liposuction is without risk and you should be aware of all the possible complications and what your recovery would entail before you make the decision to go ahead. Liposuction is not a quick fix, but it can produce really satisfactory results for the right candidate.

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