exercise after a breast enhancement

When can I exercise after a breast enhancement?

If you have invested financially and emotionally in a breast enhancement, then it is natural that you would want to do everything you can to ensure that the results remain as good as possible for as long as possible. Many patients ask us how soon they can get back into regular exercising following a breast augmentation, so this helpful guide aims to help give a steer for what is achievable and how soon after.

The first few days after a breast enhancement

In the first week, it is recommended that you take things very gently. You may wish to do some very gentle walks as it’s also a good idea to get moving, but the key to week one is to keep it low intensity. Do not be tempted to do any core or upper body exercises and refrain from high impact training as well.

In the second week following surgery, you can build on what you have begun to do in week one by adding some gentle leg exercises such as extending and stretching the legs. It is still very early days in terms of recovery, so it is still important to refrain from core and upper body exercises and it is still too early for high-intensity training.

Everybody heals at a different rate but at some point between the third and fourth week following surgery you should be able to add some lunges or slightly more vigorous leg stretches to your routine. You may also feel comfortable using light or small weights to reintroduce exercise to your arms shoulders and upper body area, but it is still very important not to overdo it and to refrain from exercising the core muscles.

Over a month post operatively…

Somewhere between five to eight weeks after the operation you may feel ready to do a gentle jog or incorporate some exercises such as squats or lunges. You may feel ready for some slightly more enthusiastic arm exercises as well. If you are exercising at a gym or with a class, it is advisable to speak to a trainer to ensure that you are not pushing yourself too far too soon. Even at this stage, it is important to refrain from any work that targets the chest muscles and do not be tempted to try more intensive upper body exercises such as pull-ups.

Around about the nine to ten-week mark, many people will have healed sufficiently that they can begin to weave in some high-intensity exercises such as sprinting, using a skipping rope and more vigorous workout techniques. The most important thing at this stage is to listen to your body. If you feel that it is too soon then be patient and wait until you feel physically ready.

Any form of regular exercise is good for you, however gentle it feels.  If in doubt about the suitability of your chosen exercises, it is best to opt for something on the gentler side rather than risk pushing yourself too far too soon at this important phase of the healing process.

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