male breast reduction

How best to prepare for male breast reduction

Men sometimes develop a condition called gynaecomastia which is essentially the development of male breasts. This results from an imbalance of hormones or sometimes can occur if a large amount of weight has been gained. The hormone imbalance or the weight gain can result in higher levels of oestrogen than should naturally occur which can encourage the growth of breast tissue.

Cosmetic surgeons in the UK can perform surgery to remove the excess breast tissue from men suffering with gynecomastia and there are a number of things that men can do in order to prepare themselves for early for this kind of operation.

Consult an expert

If you believe that you are a suitable candidate to undergo male breast reduction surgery than a cosmetic surgeon is likely to ask you to seek a medical evaluation from a GP or gynaecomastia specialist. They will assess your hormone levels and evaluate other reasons why you may be experiencing larger than normal amounts of oestrogen (and the resulting breast tissue) and establish whether or not surgery is the right step for you.

Make sure nothing else is causing gynaecomastia

A full medical assessment will also be required to establish whether you are taking over the counter medicines or herbal remedies that may impact on your ability to heal from the operation. Tablets such as aspirin, for example, thin the blood and are not advised because it can hinder your body’s ability to clot properly following an operation. Additionally, some anti-inflammatory drugs are not advised and some herbal supplements should also be avoided because they can increase the likelihood of developing a bleed after or during the operation.

It is important that other medications are adjusted before the surgical route is explored to ensure that the presence of breast tissue is not being made worse by the other medications.

Stop smoking – or at least try and cut down

As with all forms of cosmetic surgery you will be advised to stop smoking ahead of your operation. This is because smoking can affect how fast the body heals and it is widely recommended that you should stop smoking before undertaking an invasive procedure from which your body will need to heal. If it is not possible to stop smoking altogether it is always more beneficial to try and cut down rather than to continue smoking.

If you are interested in a male breast reduction procedure, then call 01926 436341 to arrange a consultation with Mr Alan Park; he will talk you through your suitability for a male breast reduction and establish what are the best next steps for you.