The male facelift can make you appear more likeable and trustworthy

The demand for male cosmetic surgery has seen rapid growth in recent years, but men who might be contemplating facial rejuvenation to appear younger and more dynamic can often be concerned that they risk looking drastically different or even more feminine.

The good news is that a recent study has found that men who undergo a facelift or other facial rejuvenation procedures look more trustworthy and likeable to respondents – and, in even better news, there was no impact on how masculine they appeared post-procedure.

A male facelift might not differ greatly from female facial aesthetic surgery in terms of the general approach, but there are some distinctions that must be made and an experienced surgeon such as Mr Alan Park will take these into account in the pre-operative planning stage.

Male facelift results analysed

The research was recently published in the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery journal and was a small-scale study. It involved 24 men, with an average of 49, that had undergone a facelift and other procedures. Conducted by professors at Georgetown University in the US, their before and after photos were shown to 145 respondents, aged between 25 and 34 years old.

These respondents were asked to rate the men’s appearance in terms of how attractive, sociable, masculine, trust-worthy, extroverted and even aggressive they appeared. They weren’t told that the men had undergone surgery, or the purpose of the study, and the respondents didn’t see both before and after photos. Some were shown the before images and the other cohort reviewed the after pictures and then the results were compared.

In the after pictures, the men were rated more attractive, likeable, trustworthy and there was no difference seemingly in how masculine they were rated.

The difference between the male facelift and female facial rejuvenation

Mr Alan Park’s approach to the facelift is always to enhance and rejuvenate the patient’s natural appearance, so they look younger and more refreshed but not different and this is the same for both men and women. However, there are certain differences between the male and female physiology that have to be taken into account.

Facial hair, for example, can affect incision placement to ensure no follicles are being damaged. Men tend to have stronger ligaments, more prominent muscle mass and skeletal structure, with a larger, squarer jawline and lower face. The cheek area is flatter with less subcutaneous fat. Their skin is thicker with larger hair follicles and seborrheic glands.

In terms of the final result, women wish to retain their delicate facial features, while restoring the softer, more rounded contours of youth. Men, on the other hand, wish to appear more masculine and defined.

Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon that fully understands the subtle differences between male and female facial rejuvenation surgery is a must. To find out more about the male facelift, call 01926 436341 to arrange a consultation.