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Breast reduction benefits: Simona Halep’s sacrifice for her Wimbledon dreams

If you were glued to Wimbledon this year then you were probably gripped by the journey of Romanian Simona Halep, who faced Serena Williams in the ladies’ final and was crowned this year’s Wimbledon champion. Like many tennis players, she has been open about her successes and challenges and has shared her experience of choosing to have a breast reduction in her teens.

At the very young age of just 17, Halep made the decision to undergo breast reduction surgery to help her fulfil her tennis dreams. Her chest was a 34DD and she is reported to have said “It’s the weight that troubles me. My ability to react quickly, my breasts make me uncomfortable when I play.

Now, ten years on, there is no looking back for her. Since her operation she has made stride after stride in her professional career, climbing the world tennis rankings and securing some impressive victories in tough competitions. She says that even if they weren’t causing her issues in her career, she wasn’t very keen on her natural size and shape; “I didn’t like them in my everyday life, either. I would have gone for surgery even if I hadn’t been a sportswoman.”

Halep has her 34DD chest reduced to 34C, which she felt was much better suited to her frame and her sporting ambitions.

Breast reduction benefits

Although large breasts are something that very many women wish for, for others it is more of a curse than a blessing. Breasts that are too large for a woman’s frame can cause back, neck or shoulder ache can cause discomfort from bra straps and can affect self-confidence.

The operation itself is quite long, ranging from around 90 minutes up to a few hours. It is complicated and involves repositioning the nipple, removing excess fat, skin and tissues from the breasts and then reshaping them afterwards.

It takes around six weeks to heal from this type of operation, sometimes longer, and you need to give your body ample time to heal before pushing it too far. For women who are regularly engaging in energetic sports such as tennis, it is also critical not to rush back into sports before your breasts have fully healed. The implications are not just discomfort, but could also result in an infection or greater levels of scarring.

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