breast augmentation timing

Breast augmentation timing

For women who are planning a breast augmentation, the decision to book the procedures typically comes months (if not years) after they begin thinking about it and researching exactly what they want.

It is not a decision to be rushed, but when you are ready to go ahead with it, understanding the timeline for the consultation, operation and recovery will help set expectations about when your new breasts will be ready to show off. If you’ve decided this summer that you are finally going to make the decision to go ahead with breast augmentation surgery, then it is worth considering this rough timeline so you can work around it effectively and manage expectations accordingly.

It is always sensible to work backwards from key dates and to allow yourself more time than you think you might need to heal. Everyone heals at different speeds and you won’t know until you have had the operation how you will feel afterwards and how quickly you will start to feel back to normal.

Practical considerations after a breast augmentation

If you are hoping to show off your new breasts on holiday, consider the kind of holiday you are planning on taking. Will it be a relaxing beach holiday or will it be a more active vacation? A month to six weeks after your operation you should be able to undertake gentle exercise such as swimming, but more vigorous sports and activities which involve lifting should be left for longer until your breasts have had more of a chance to heal.

When healing from a breast augmentation it is important not to rush things. Allowing your body sufficient time to heal and not pushing it too far too soon will help the healing process and aid the overall results.

Sunbathing and cosmetic surgery scarring

If you’re a bit of a sun seeker then this is also something that needs to be factored in. Direct sunlight is not recommended for fresh scars as it can impact on how long they take to heal and fade.

If you are planning a beach or pool holiday then choosing swimwear that covers your scars is a sensible idea, as is ensuring that you are applying a minimum of SPF 30 to the area to keep it protected from UV rays.

All things considered, allowing a good lead time before any holiday is sensible. Six months between operation and holiday would be generous, but practical, just to ensure that you are healed nicely and your breasts have had time to settle before your holidays.