male facelift

Understanding different cosmetic needs – can men have facelifts too?

Men and women differ in many ways, both in terms of their physiology and in some of their needs and wants. What is interesting in the cosmetic surgery world at the moment is the overlap between what women are looking for and what men are now looking for as well when it comes to the male facelift.

Women have typically been the more common consumer of facial surgery, particularly the facelift. This has been for a number of reasons but the marked drop in oestrogen that occurs during the menopause can cause women to appear to age faster than men at this time of their lives. The facelift can reverse skin sagging and restore the fuller, rounder contours of youth. This, in turn, makes the patient look and feel more youthful. However, we are now seeing an increase year on year of male patients who are keen to have the same kind of work done, although there are subtle differences in what men are hoping to achieve versus women.

Male facelift vs female facial surgery

Men do not want the softer, fuller appearance desired by women, but typically wish to restore a more chiselled look to the jawline. By comparison, women often ask for more definition around the jaw, but in a softer way. Women often combine facelift surgery with other procedures such as dermal fillers to areas such as their lips or cheekbones.

A facelift is often combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures, particularly a blepharoplasty or eyelid lift and this can transform the appearance of the ageing eye in both men and women. Brow lifts are also popular with women, but men typically have lower brows so your cosmetic surgeon must be careful not to feminise the brow by raising it to an unnatural position.

The placement of incisions also differs slightly between men and women. Mr Alan Park always aims to place the incisions where they will be least visible after surgery and it is usually easier to conceal these in a female hairline as the hair tends to be longer and fuller. A male hairline can change over time due to male pattern baldness. Facial hair is also a consideration – during a male facelift, the skin is lifted and it is important to be aware of where the follicle-bearing skin is moved to.

The bottom line is that both sexes are choosing his kind of procedure as it helps them look and feel younger. It is a clever way of turning back the clock and removing some of the telltale signs of ageing skin. To find out if you’re suitable for a male facelift, call 01926 436341 to arrange a consultation with Mr Alan Park.