tummy tuck recovery

Tummy tuck recovery – what to expect

If you’re preparing for a tummy tuck, then one of the important things to consider is how you plan to approach the recovery stage. Understanding what to expect from the healing process is very important; if your expectations are aligned with reality then you won’t be in for any unexpected surprises. A tummy tuck is major surgery so the healing process requires some patience, but in time and with the correct approach, you will soon feel and look much better.

One size does not fit all

The first thing to understand is that people heal at different speeds, and the rate at which they heal from surgery like this can depend on lots of different factors. Your age, your weight, your overall health and also the amount you exercise (pre- and post-operatively) all have an impact.

For the first few days after the operation, you will feel very swollen and experience some pain and discomfort, although this should be easily controlled with the medication you’re provided with by Mr Alan Park and his team. Bed rest is recommended for the first few days although you will also be encouraged to start moving around as soon as you feel able as this helps with the healing process.

You should expect to wear an abdominal support for around six weeks after the surgery as this helps reduce the risk of fluids and blood pooling at the midriff. You will also need to take it easy – it is unlikely that you will feel like doing strenuous activity but make sure you don’t really do anything you don’t need to – especially things like lifting as this can put stress on your wounds.

It is helpful to think ahead for practical help that might be available; even if that is a simple as getting supermarket foods delivered so you don’t have to carry heavy shopping bags. Family, friends or others who can help with domestic jobs would also be invaluable if the support is available.

Time is the most important factor when it comes to tummy tuck recovery

You’re nearing the end of your tummy tuck journey, which no doubt has been a long one. From the decision to go ahead with this type of operation, to the research involved in choosing your surgeon and all the pre-operative work you will have put in, it must feel tantalisingly close to being able to see the results for real now.

It won’t be long until that is the case, but be patient, allow your body to heal fully, don’t push yourself too far too soon and make sure you follow the aftercare advice provided by Mr Park to ensure an optimal recovery.

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